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Stories and Pictures from the Great Recession

what's your take?

Is She Being Served?

For example, we all know that men could survive entirely on pizzas and ribs forever. But that would kill most of the restaurant industry. My wife, on the other hand, likes to be taken out to dinner. She likes napkins made out of cloth and candles and waiters who pamper her like I never do. That’s why the National Restaurant Assn.’s Restaurant Performance Index is a key indicator. This monthly statistical barometer, based on a survey of restaurateurs nationwide, tracks the health of the restaurant industry using factors like same-store sales and customer traffic. Happily, this index has been on the rise since midsummer. A decline in this index means our wives are asking us to take them out to dinner… less. Yikes! Now, this is a big sacrifice for most women, so to do this they must know something about the economy that men don’t. Business owners should stop and ponder that before making any significant investments.


how helpful is this? 25 to blame.

Barron’s is the only news organization ever to have seen the thesis since a third and now missing copy was removed from the public shelves of NYU’s Bobst library at Greenspan’s request in 1987, the year that Ronald Reagan appointed him chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. Glancing at the document, we momentarily felt like Indiana Jones at the dramatic moment in which he discovers the Lost Ark of the Covenant. Greenspan purportedly was trying to deter news coverage of his personal life when he ordered the thesis into hiding. His anti-paparazzi subterfuge backfired: The stealth thesis became red meat for his critics, who smelled a cover-up.”

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I might also post portions of the paper, little fledglings leaving the nest, just to see if they can actually fly.

Some may see this financial time as a sort of reckoning for Americans. A type of “this is what you get” mentality, suited to the image of the McDonald’s eating, McMansion living, mall shopping stereotype which has sadly become a normalized representation of people from the United States. That somehow, like the tower of Babel, we built this disaster and it is our lot to watch it fall, and get ready to bear the consequences. We wanted bigger houses, in more suburban locations, and as the realtors took their gambles and built their now vacant properties, something else was in the works for those perhaps risking too much. There is a lot of finger-pointing in the media, who is to blame for this mess, which inversely asks, who is not to blame? This portion of the paper will examine three factors, how are Americans being depicted in the media; victim or perpetrator, glutton or saint? Secondly, how has the American government wielded its power to blame and to save Wall Street? And finally, in the media landscape, can we understand, and will there be an archive, of what has happened, if it has happened yet?

Welcome and thanks for coming by. This blog is really an experiment that is a part of my masters thesis at NYU. For the past couple of years I have been studying a field called Visual Culture (huh?!), which NYU defines as this: the interdisciplinary study of images across diverse media (such as photography, television, and film), new media (such as the Web and digital imaging), architecture, design, and art (including traditional media such as painting and sculpture as well as new multimedia art forms) across a range of social arenas, including news, art, science, advertising, and popular culture. It emphasizes the role of visual media in everyday life and the importance of visual media in the dissemination of ideas in the public sphere. So basically every single thing in the universe.

When I was trying to figure out what I was going to write about, I knew I wanted it to be in the general realm of American culture, visuality, memory, the list goes on. But, I also wanted to challenge myself and write about something that I am reeeally interested in but know little about: the economy.

As I have begun my preliminary research, it seems like A LOT of people are confused about this recession. There are so many parts and pieces, bills and legislation, pundits and their opinions wielding many different narratives. But anyone who has even so much as glanced at a newspaper knows that it seems like half of Americans are jobless and the other half are ditching their mortgages.

Are you one of those people?

Can someone please tell me whats going on?

I know it can seem kind of intimidating to post a comment or image on a random blog, but I want to hear your story. Think of it as an experiment.

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